V. Kelly Bellis is a licensed professional land surveyor and artist living with his beloved wife in Ellsworth, Maine since arriving from Ohio on the heels of a nor'easter in January 1988 with their three young sons. For more information, check out the About Panocea page

Apr 212013

Slides from last night’s fundraiser for Dick Paré (hint – give them time to load). Once loaded, play time is about 22 minutes. Click on any individual image to see a larger image and then with your mouse over it, right click to save.

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4.25.2013 update:
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Apr 212013
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Apr 162013

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How perfectly appropriate it seemed that a study of camera mapping utilizing Blender’s UV unwrapping option (Project from view), and as recently revisited by Blender Guru’s Andrew Price through his second tutorial on the subject, quickly summoned up the image created nearly 500 years ago by one of my most beloved artists and pioneers in the science of perspective, Albrecht Dürer. His wood cut was one of his marvelous illustrations contained in his treatise on measurement and one of his last ones made before his death in 1528 at the age of 56, just a few weeks short of his 57th birthday.

In this (my first) animation made using this technique and Blender, the concept of recreating the camera’s 3D spatial location (something I’m sure Albrecht would have grooved on!) became more fascinating to me than the the outcome of camera mapping alone.

Music by Fatboy Roberts – Geek: Remix; Fish’s Interlude
a variation of the tune by Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson


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Mar 192013

Bottom left shipping container bracket modeled in Blender 2.66

LiDAR-based TIN faces exported from Global Mapper v14.1,
Imported into Blender v2.66 using DXF-Import PE v2.2.3
Georeferenced to Maine State Plane, NAD83, Est Zone


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Feb 152013

City crews have been steadily working around Ellsworth all week cleaning up after last weekend’s massive snow storm with many crew members reportedly logging in between 90 and 100 hours. Great job guys – thank you!

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