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MAC collection received x 800

It is with much appreciation that the Hancock County Survey Archive has received its first collection of survey records. The survey records of Millard A. Clement have been donated by his family and were delivered to the Hancock County Courthouse on September 16th. The inventorying of Mr. Clement’s survey files took place during the week of the 16th.  Linked below is the PDF of the inventory which includes my sometimes not so legible scribbled notes of their contents.

The Physical Mechanics

tiny-FIT-x-75During the week of the 16th the larger plans were examined, unrolled, flattened and made ready to be scanned. This process of flattening is important for smooth scanning and final document storage. The following week (of the 23rd) scanning and indexing took place. All 160-plus drawings in the collection took less than three hours to scan on Monday morning. Many of the plans are by other surveyors including K. Priest, R.A. Pinkham, P.E. Robinson and others. With a couple of exceptions, these plans relate to Hancock County with a particular concentration in the areas of Bucksport and Orland. Indexing these plans began Monday afternoon and continued …

The Metaphysical Mechanics

tiny-paper-FIT-x-75This first collection of records has been helpful beyond their immediate face value of preserved information that otherwise may have been lost or in having placed them within the grasp of the surveying community for the general benefit of the public. The records of Millard A. Clement have paved the way for other surveyors’ records to be received and processed into the Hancock County Survey Archive in so far as the physical mechanics are concerned; a fitting continuation for this mechanical engineer’s efforts. Mr. Clement’s records will also allow another very important part of the process to burgeon: development of a community of surveyors, abstractors, lawyers and other land records researchers willing to donate their time in building the archive. Please consider getting involved by volunteering, and if interested, drop me a line.

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Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgAn inventory of survey records received from
The Estate of Millard A. Clement
(March 22, 1924 – January 3, 2013)

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