Sep 212013

Since July I’ve been making headway on a not so daily basis into migrating The Dodge Papers onto my website. Presentation of the collection of scanned documents from three surveyors started out with the idea that users would be accessing the information locally utilizing Windows Explorer (or its equivalent), that is, on their own personal computers and not on a remote server.

A few changes were needed to make viewing the documents a little more friendly, but if you have one of those first CDs made (circa January 2000), you’ll see the interface’s behavior hasn’t been altered much. You will note however, that the collection of images which comprised Volume 1 of The Dodge Papers has nearly doubled.

As you explore The Dodge Papers keep in mind that there are two navigational strips; one along the left margin that changes with document type selections and the other, across the top:


I hope that you find this information useful!


 Posted by on September 21, 2013 at 2:41 pm