Jan 022013

Proposed Trail Connector
In addition to the panoramic and architectural photographic services already offered by Panocea, a division of Horizon Surveying Co., Inc., a new specialty illustration service will be available beginning in January 2013.

Architects, surveyors, engineers, GIS professionals, city planners, graphic designers, realtors and others interested in highlighting any defined area, corridor, right of way, trail or other spatial information and presenting their projects from a bird’s eye perspective now have an affordable alternative to hiring a photographer, plane and pilot.

Click on the image on the right to see one example of how a bushed out, flagged and GPS tracked route was presented using this illustration service for Frenchman Bay Conservancy. And be sure to check out “Views of the Island” for more examples.

Utilizing freely available and existing ortho imagery draped over three dimensional freely available and existing terrain data, images of select areas can be digitally created from any station point and illuminated from any angle. Additional georeferenced spatial data can be draped over the 3D model (such as property boundaries) and likewise shown accurately in perspective.

The resolution of the ortho imagery and terrain data that is available will generally govern how low the altitude can be for any given station point (the pseudo camera’s location for a given perspective).

tile issuesOrtho imagery is typically a collection of individual photographic tiles that have previously been stitched together. Frequently seen are hue, saturation and brightness differences at tile seems. Sunlight shimmer and reflections off of water bodies also pose problems. Indeed, of all of the steps that are involved in producing these customized aerial perspectives, the time spent (in Photoshop CS6 for example) mitigating these visual irregularities is the greatest.

For general inquiries contact kelly@panocea.us or call 207.667.6912

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