Sep 092012

NSD5-PrE10 codec test series 15-19

Video Length: 0:30
Recording Date: 9.12.2012
Natural Scene Designer Pro v5.0 used to generate AVI files
Premiere Elements v10 used to edit clips for video
Description: Results of Experiments – in response to the following two rhetorical questions:

1) What is the optimal cel or frame size that Natural Scene Designer Pro 5.0 should produce when rendering an animation in order to satisfy the video editing program Premiere Elements 10?


2) What is the optimal codec to use at the time of rendering an NSD project?

These two questions are explored more fully in the Adobe Forum thread with particular appreciation and thanks to Bill Hunt and Steve Grisetti for their help.

This little posting is simply to show the results to date of a few of these experiments and to give a word of thanks to Ben Greenwood, aka, Sir Lagsalot for his excellent Lagarith Lossless Video Codec which clearly out performed MS Video 1 – at any setting !

Lagarith v1.3.27 [64-bit] came closest to matching the Full Frame Uncompressed AVI “framage” (footage and cel seem like misplaced terms in the discussion.

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