Mar 042012

Field Trip 3.3.2012 – Bar Harbor

Okay, so it was pretty lousy weather – cold and blowing rain the whole morning having started out as snow earlier in a lesser light – but a few of us convened anyway at the appointed place and hour before our individual photographic explorations into Bar Harbor’s waning winter.


The devastating fire that started on October 17, 1947 altered the psyche and landscape of the island, something that can still be witnessed even in today’s rushings 65 years later.  Driving southerly into Bar Harbor along Eden Street with glimpses of the timeless majesty of Frenchman Bay to the east and palatial manors on your right rising from the road and built after that apocalyptic event, remnants of what stood on the 16th of October can be noticed emerging from the white.

Transference of the stones’ shape through the snow only too subtly recalls the transfer of property just a year earlier and the planned retirement of Andrew and Jennie Peterson from Brockton, Massachusetts to their new post-war-era life in Bar Harbor running the Onantakah Inn. Continuing south, and next to the inn was Norman and Jane Roy’s place and then the estate of the late Frederick Hamilton McCormick-Goodhart all situated at the foot of Mary Roberts Rinehart’s Farview when the fire broke out; all of which were reduced to cinders.

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